Choose from 4 different group programs (each priced individually) OR save by enrolling in all 4 programs.

After God's Heart- $20.00

Self Discovery- $30.00

Strategy - $50.00

Accountability group-$25.00

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Session #1 After God's Heart group program (virtual session)

The Word of God is infallible and relevant for every area of our lives.  Therefore, we need to understand and apply in our lives what the bible says about planning and action.  Explore these thoughts and more with a small group of women to find out God's heart in this area and open yourself to be radically obedient. Register here.

This 1 hour intensive group session will allow you to:

  • assess and apply what the bible says about planning, action and other purpose related topics
  • make a plan for spending personal time with God including a plan to eliminate roadblocks to spending that time with God
  • explore being radically obedient to God's will for your life

Investment: $ 20.00 (Cnd)

Session #2: Self discovery group program (virtual session) 

You know that you were called by God to do something, but you have no idea or you need more clarity into what.  Do you know that God gave you clues in your design? Who are you by design? Join a group of women that are also on this journey and together you will start to discover your true selves. Register here. 

This 1 hour intensive session will allow you to:

  • begin journaling your insights and revelations
  • determine your core values
  • select 3 additional life purpose inventory areas from a predetermined list to explore
  • summarize your findings 

Investment: $30.00   (Cdn)

Session #3: Strategy planning group program (virtual session) 

You have some ideas of what you could do, but you haven't really done anything about it.  Get started today with a small group of women who are in the same boat as you,  and start creating some action plans. Register here.

This 2 hour intensive session will allow you to:

  • Assess where you are
  • Envision where you want to go
  • Create a 1 year plan to begin the journey
  • Be invited to the next accountability group session to keep the momentum going

Investment: $50.00 (Cdn)

Session #4: Accountability group program (virtual session) 

You have your goals and know what you want but you could use some virtual accountability to redeem your time.  Join a small group of women (groups of 3) for 4 quarterly session for 1 year doing the same thing you are doing and receive support, encouragement and accountability. Register here. 

This 1 hour intensive session will allow you to:

  • share your progress, challenges, questions with your group
  • receive encouragement, support and counsel
  • support your group members with encouragement and support

Investment: $ 25.00 (Cdn)

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