3 Keys to stop sabotaging your goals with your speech

In the last blog we examined that the words we speak bring life or death to other people and ourselves!  It can also bring life or death to the environments that we need to operate in.  Whether that environment be our homes, the office, school or any other place. 

Taking some time to assess what we are saying and remove from our speech anything that brings death (unless that is what you want) is an exercise I am beginning to do yearly.  You should consider doing it yearly also.  We work hard to create and attain our goals.  The last thing we want to do is inadvertently sabotage all our hard work.  We want to be fruitful in our endeavours.  Do you know that what we are saying is an indication of what is in our hearts? 

…for the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

Luke 6:45

Perhaps you don’t believe in your heart that you can accomplish your dreams.  You don’t believe that going back to school or starting a small business on the side is doable.  You feel that you are called to do it, but you really don’t believe that you can do it.  This belief will stop you from achieving your dreams.  Your beliefs are most likely evident in the way you are speaking!  Here are 3 keys to stop sabotaging your goals through your speech.  Start. Stop. Replace.

Start by identifying and assessing the language you are using to describe yourself and/or your dream or goals.  Are the words that you are using suggest action and a strong belief (A) or non action and a flimsy belief (B)?  Honestly take stock of what you are saying.  You can also solicit a family member or friend to give you some feedback on what you are saying.  Another method is to journal regularly and them monitor what words you are using.  For example, using words like desire, wish, someday, hopefully, or somebody should, would fall under (B).  Words like results, everyday, continually, I do or follow through would fall under category (A).   Create your own list for category (A) and Category (B). 

Stop using the words in group (B)!  Remove them completely from your vocabulary.  Seriously.  Reject the words that suggest non action and a flimsy belief.  Reject the words that are not moving you towards who you are to be. Reject the words that are pessimistic and discouraging.  You can remove one at a time until it is removed or you can do a few at a time.

Replace the words from group (B) with new words from your category (A).   For example, instead of using the word frustration it can be rejected and replaced with fascination.  I am really frustrated fascinated by such and such.  The goal is to replace the rejected words from (B) with words or phrases from (A) as you speak about yourself and your goals!

Words have power.  Make a change today to what you are saying to give life to your goals and dreams!

May your speech be a blessing to you and others! 

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