Restart Again!

Have you stopped working on your plans for this year?
Perhaps unexpected events happened in your life so you have/had to put your dreams/certain actions on hold?

Either way, tomorrow is new day to start again.

Exodus 14:15-16 are some of my favourite verses to encourage me during this covid season. Picture this, the Israelites were hemmed in … somewhat like we are now. We are schooling at home, working from home, on lockdown, unable to do what we normally do!
The Israelites had the Red Sea in front of them and their enemies behind them! There was no where to go!
Or so it seemed, to them and us.
Yet God said “Why are you crying out to me? Tell the Israelites to move on.” Ummmmm okay…so how do they move forward if they are surrounded?
Thankfully God gave instructions on how to do so. Moses was to take an action (vs 16). Using something he already had!

We can do the same!
We are never surrounded as Believers!
We are never be defeated!
We can restart at any age!
We can and we will rise again!

What do you have ‘in your hands’ to obediently take action with?
Fill in the blanks for yourself.
*reset my ______________
*relaunch the ____________
*resume ______________
*proceed with ___________
* begin where I left off on the _______________

Now….go and do it!

Make a declaration of what you will be restarting in the comments section.

We will be cheering you on!

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