My conviction

I am passionate about helping others develop in their God given gifts.  Every single saint is a part of the body of Christ with a predestined purpose for their lives.  By the grace of God, we can rejoice that we have eternal life through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, but we have work to do on earth!  Many saints are not living life abundantly because they are not living out their divine purpose.   We all have a set number of years of life in which to fulfill that purpose. Many of us don’t start realizing that purpose until mid-life.  Is it too late?  I have good news, there is still time, but we must redeem the time today; we must own it again.

My Testimony

After finishing my Honours Business Administration degree, I worked in various positions climbing the corporate ladder.  It appeared that I was ‘making things happen’ but something was definitely missing from my life. God used having my first child to get my attention.  As my relationship with God grew, I began to discover my true self!  I began to make changes in my life.  They appeared like crazy changes to others, and myself at times,  but I chose to continue to follow God’s leading.  I can look back now and see how faithful God has been.

I have over 15 years experience helping people to develop as an Adult Educator and more recently as a Life Coach.  I am a CLPC from Christian Coach Institute, an ICF accredited coach training school with an ACSTH (Approved Coach specific training hours designation).

Being packaged out from my job in 2013 was a blessing in disguise. God led me on journey that was both difficult yet extremely satisfying. God has revealed to me ways to redeem my time 4 life, and I began to share them with everyone I knew.  I am experiencing life abundantly, and I am just getting started.  I want you to experience life abundantly too!

My Qualifications include:

Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC)

Diploma in Adult Education

Honours Bachelor of Business Administration degree

10 years combined experience in Training & Development, Organizational Development and Leadership Development

8 years experience as Ministry Director and creator of a Single Mom’s ministry in the Greater Toronto Area.

Next Steps…

You, my friend, are pregnant with a God given purpose that this GENERATION needs, and that YOU need to nurture and deliver to have life and give life.  Redeem your time for life! Please check out the blog for simple ways you can get going.  To go deeper, click here or the button for a free 15 minute discovery call with me. Get started today!