5 Keys to living a fulfilled life

There are 5 answers to 5 questions every human being wants to know. They transcend culture, race, gender, nationality, political affiliation, religious beliefs – you name it! Whether we realize this or not, we are all trying to determine the answers to these 5 questions!

Finding the answers to these questions will give you a focus and zeal for life, like no other! Let’s explore those questions now! Take some time to explore the answers to these questions.

Who Am I ?

It seems like a simple question but understanding who you really are is foundational for your life! Most people would answer this question by saying what they do instead of who they are! Who you are determines how you relate with the world and how the world relates with you. How did you come to know who you really are? Who told you or what is the source of who you really are? As a Christian, my source is God the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. I am therefore a child of the most high God! What an awesome privilege that is!

Where am I from?

This question speaks to your source. Who or what is your source? How do you know that is where you came from? Some people believe in different theories of ultimately how they came into existence. I choose to believe that I came into existence because God planned for me.

Why Am I here?

Know that you and I are here to do something. We are not here to just pay bills, pay a mortgage and do that same lackluster thing day in and day out. Something excites you. What is that thing? This question is essentially covering a word we are all familiar with– destiny. What is your destiny? A simple clue— destiny is whatever you’d rather be doing. I am here to solve a problem/ maximize an opportunity.

What can I do?

This questions speaks to skills, abilities, strengths. What do you naturally do well with little effort? What do other people say that you are good at? Make a list and them make a plan to use your gifts.

Where am I going?

Last but not least, you need to know where you are going in life or you’ll end up where you didn’t want to be! You must be deliberate in defining where you are going. No one can define that for you. There are many roads that can take us to a destination. You first need to define your destination and then take the best route for you to get there. Taking into account all the answers that you determined above will no doubt help you to define your destination.

I help women find, develop and pursue their God purpose. In my virtual 1 on 1 coaching sessions, I walk women through these 5 steps. Their takeaways include: 1-5 year strategic plan for their lives, Personal Mission & Vision Statement, a 1 yr plan for spiritual development and a vision board.

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