3 things to consider about time

God created time to take us out of eternity, according to Dr. Myles Munroe. Time protects us from forever and helps us to define the quality of our lives. Time is a gift from God!



Why is this significant? Consider these three points.

*We can easily see how we are using our time. I can compare any unit of time -hours, days, weeks, months, quarters etc. and compare it to another unit of time. Are we using our time more efficiently? Is your time being used on what you say you value?

*We can also easily plan how we will use our time. We can control how we use our time. A simple written plan for the week is a great start.

* God will be evaluating how we have used our time and will reward us for what we have done! See Psalms 62:12. Begin to measure and control your use of time….TODAY. You will be rewarded for using your time efficiently.

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