You don’t need balance in your life, you need something else!

At the beginning of a year, many Professional or Stay at Home Christian Moms tend to reflect on what they would like their year to be like.  They think about what plans God has for them and how they could accomplish them.  Many look for ways to find balance in their lives. Why?  They wear many hats- wife, mother, doctor, chef, counsellor, friend, playmate and on the lists goes!  The list could make your head spin.  Several questions arise in my mind as I think about this… never ending list. 

How in the world can we manage all these things successfully? 

Are we wearing the hats we should at the right time and right place?

To help us answer these questions, let’s see what God says about getting balance.  Afterall, ‘all scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness’ 2 Tim 3:16. 

A search of the word ‘balance’ in the bible app showed that the term was used for an actual balance (a noun) when weighing items.  I do not see evidence of it used pertaining to what a person should do (a verb). Instead, I found the biblical principle of order instead of balance!  It is in Old Testament and the New Testament. Moms, we are to identify, seek and put order in our lives!  Can I suggest you consider moving from seeking balance in your life to putting order in your life instead? 

Order over balance.

God teaches us about order over balance. When the Israelites left Egypt and before they could enter the promised land, God gave them a series of laws/rules starting at Exodus 20. These laws/rules gave order to the Israelites before they could enter the promised land.  Moms, we too have a promised land to possess—-an area of influence that God has assigned to each of us.  Before we go to possess it for 2020…we need to have our lives in order so that we can thrive in this ‘new land’.  Or if you are already in your promised land, and are looking for growth, you would also need to review what order you have your life in and readjust it to God’s order!   What is the God’s order that we should aim for in our lives?

Let’s look to Exodus 20 for some clues.  We are all familiar with the 10 commandments.  Let’s look at the biblical principles that they teach us.  The commandments indicate the order we need to have for our lives! The first 4 commandments teach us about our relationship with God…which needs to be first.  The 5th commandment teaches us about our relationship with our families…second, and the rest teach us about our relationship with others….third.  

So how do we as Professional or Stay at home Christian moms manage all the hats we wear?

We must ensure that we have God’s order over balance in our lives. 

We can get order in our lives in three steps….

  • by reading the scriptures to identify the order
  • seeking God’s help with putting His order into our lives
  • plan and act on making the necessary changes in your life, one small change at a time

May God bless you abundantly as you seek to put His order in your life! 

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2 thoughts on “You don’t need balance in your life, you need something else!”

  1. Love the “ORDER NOT BALANCE” statement! I have often said I was striving for a balanced life, when truly I have been seeking a life of order all along!

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