3 Keys to Navigating the Detours in your life

After another unexpected (and to be honest), unwanted detour in my life recently, I thought to myself… what’s up with these detours in my life?  I am finally pursing my God purpose and these events come out of nowhere!    They cause me to pause. They can at times cause me to glance back at my former comfortable life or to get off track from my goals (instead of adjusting them) but then the Word I have hidden in my heart, bubbles up to rescue me from my thoughts.  Have you experienced this or are you experiencing this now?  Has all hell seemed to have broken loose as you thought you were doing God’s will?   Our Lord, Jesus tells us in John 3:33:

33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Christians are not exempt from trouble in their lives but we shouldn’t lose heart because Jesus has overcome the world.  Alleluia!  So, my sister or my brother, take heart.

To encourage our hearts let us remember a great example of someone who had some serious trouble yet fulfilled his purpose. The story of Joseph, starting in Genesis 37. There are so many lessons to learn from his life, but today I will pull out 3 keys to navigating the detours in your life.  Find your God purpose. Believe & Please God. Work with Excellence wherever you are.

Find your God Purpose

Joseph had learnt about aspects of his God purpose (although he may not have fully understood it at the time) at a young age through two dreams.  These dreams clearly made an impression on him that he shared it with his family.  Despite the rebukes he received from the sharing of his purpose with his family, it propelled him on.  When he was betrayed by his brothers and sold as a slave, it propelled him on.  When he was thrown in jail, unjustly, it propelled him on.  When you have a sense of your God purpose, it propels you on in the detours of life.  You don’t even have to have all the details, as Joseph didn’t, but just enough of a sense that there is something you are called to be.  Everything and everyone was created for a purpose.  Finding, developing and pursuing your purpose is critical to living life abundantly.

Believe & Please God

Joseph strived to please God despite the hardships he had through out his young life.  When we are obedient to God and follow His Word, especially during the detours in our lives, the Lord will bless us as he did Joseph.   We read of two instances that God was with Joseph and blessed others for his sake – Gen 39:5 as overseer of Potiphar’s house and Gen 39: 23 in jail after being falsely accused and imprisoned.

Joseph believed that God is God of all and demonstrated this when Pharaoh’s officials had dreams that they did not know the meaning of.  He said, “… Do not interpretations belong to God? Please tell them to me. “ Gen 40:8.  We, too, must believe that God is God of all including His purpose for our lives.  Trust Him.  He knows your beginning, middle and end.  Grab a hold of your purpose and please God with it daily and it will help you to navigate the detours of life.

Work with Excellence wherever you are

Joseph exemplified having a positive attitude in pretty dire circumstances.  Have you ever thought about how he did it?  I sure have.  I wonder, would I have been able to work as he did?  Using his life as a model, let us strive to at all times and in every circumstance to work with excellence.  Remembering that we are not working for man but for the Lord.  All the “detours” that Joseph experienced were actually training for him! He learnt to manage people and resources.  He learnt about the Egyptian people. He learnt the language and their culture.  The list goes on.  You and I are also in training as we journey though our lives.   God will use your experiences to prepare you for what is to come for you. Continue to work with excellence daily and prepare yourself. God will line up divine appointments for you at the right time.  You must be ready for the assignment.

Let us learn from Joseph’s life and use the 3 keys.  Blessed pursuing!

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