5 creative ways moms can spend more time with God

As a homeschooling, single mother of 3 (ages 11, 6 & 5), I often find it challenging to reserve the start of my day with God daily.  One day is never like another!  A child could be sick or scared during the night.  Or I could be catching up on work during the evening into the late night at times.  Like you, I understand how critical it is to start my day with God.  Especially when you are pursuing your God given purpose, you are more than likely going to places where you have not been before!  Perhaps you are going back to school after so many years or you are starting your own business.  Others may be starting a new job or ministry.  Either way, you are transitioning into a new season where you have not been before!  No doubt that the Israelites in Exodus felt the same way.  God provided for them a pillar of cloud and fire (Exodus 13:21) to lead them on the way by day and night!  We, who are transitioning into our new seasons NEED to be in God’s presence continually, since we do not know the way to go.  We can trust that when we seek Him we will find Him and our way.

Instead of beating myself up that I didn’t spend a particular morning in devotion, I have developed 5 creative ways to redeem my time so that I could meditate on the Word through out the day and remain in His presence.

Worship doing something your family loves

We are a family that loves music so why not use that love to worship God.  So, we have what we call worship breaks.  We sing, dance and play to the music and the kids love it.  For me, it goes so much deeper.  I receive the truth spoken in the song and give thanks to the Lord for His abundant grace and mercy.

Meditation while at the kids’ recreational activities

My kids are involved in various extra curricular activities based on their interests and strengths.   Activities can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour or more in length, several times a week.  I use this time to read the Word, make notes and reflect using my bible app. Other times, I go back to a scripture that I read earlier so that I can reflect on it some more.  I will continue to mediate on the scripture until I understand how it applies to me, or my family, or my work etc.  I seek personal revelation from the Lord.  Why do we need this?  Most of the time, God speaks to us through his Word.  This is how you will know what you are to do.

Prayer and listening while doing housework

It seems that there is always something to do in my home!  Whether it is washing the dishes, cleaning the house or doing laundry, I now use that time wisely to pray and listen.  My mind is more relaxed when doing these activities and I find that the Holy Spirit would impress me with different things.  Call so and so.  Pray for this person.   Get the kids more involved in the housework (I really loved this one).  And so on.

Hearing the Word through Christian programming

When I listen to or watch something, my go to is Christian programming.  I want to hear things that will give me truth and life.  God has gifted others in areas that strengthen my weak areas.  Many times, I have received the answer to my prayers through a brother or sister in Christ’s programming.  Or at other times, a teaching is given on the same verse I read that week making me pause, to consider its application to my life.

Praying and driving

Think about how much time is spent commuting in any given week.  If you were to calculate it, it would probably surprise you.  While I drive, very often I pray as I hear the Word spoken, preached or sang from the Christian programming I follow.  I tend to have a relaxed mind while driving so it is an opportune time to pray and intercede for others as led by the Holy Spirit.  On the plus side, it no longer looks strange to see someone talking ‘to themselves’ in the car, thanks to cell phones and hands-free driving!


Mom, what are some ways that you can spend more time with God during your day?

How will you benefit from it?

What are you waiting for?



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